The Sweetie Boy Drive That Keeps Sweetie Boy Driving

by Sidney Shealey

At Sweetie Boy Transportation, our team is always growing and evolving to work with our customers’ needs.  Last year, Sweetie Boy added a new hub location in Newburgh, New York, which brought new opportunities throughout its region. Not only were staff hired out of the hub, but Carmax locations like the ones in Edison, New Jersey and Hempstead, New York gained new Sweetie Boy AutoPilots. Back in September, Sweetie Boy brought new non CDL two-car hauler positions to our hub locations, allowing Sweetie Boy to expand their delivery abilities, while also being able to provide the training needed for our drivers to be able to use these delivery vehicles. With so much growth and constantly evolving hiring needs, Sweetie Boy Transportation has a lot to offer. Because of our ever changing needs, our team works together to assess the best plan of action to keep all of the gears moving. 

Most of our employees spend their working hours on the road. From two-car non CDL haulers, to AutoPilots to our CDL A licensed car haulers, Sweetie Boy is one team of individuals dedicated to the same purpose. Even with varying skill sets, our team works together to serve this purpose. Whether a CDL trucker needs assistance with moving vehicles, or a car coordinator needs help organizing the lot, our team is dedicated to working together to be their best. CDL truck drivers rely on each other for advice and guidance, Corey Robinson reflected on his early experiences at Sweetie Boy by saying, “The person that really impacted me here at Sweetie Boy was Jon Crews (AKA Cowboy), that  man showed me the ropes behind car hauling”. Corey had previously been trucking for a furniture company, and was thankful for the opportunity to train under Jon. In our offices, our car coordinators work behind the scenes to maintain the lot, and help AutoPilots and truck drivers pull cars. Brittany Ledet, Car Coordinator in Dundalk speaks about how teamwork has influenced her time at Sweetie Boy, “I love that this whole company  leans on each other. Teamwork truly makes a difference. Communication is key. When something goes wrong and you’re unsure of something, always always ask questions! The team this company has built will guide you every step of the way”. She goes on to say, “Every person in this company has impacted my time here guiding me each step. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Zac, Ciara, Oscar, Alex & Hayden”. Even newer team members can see the efforts of teamwork throughout the company. Car hauler Eric Powell says, “ I haven’t had any bad encounters with anyone here at Sweetie Boy. Everyone from dispatch to other drivers have been really supportive and had a positive attitude and that motivates me to want to be the best driver I can be as part of the Sweetie Boy team, which I’m proud to say that I’m a part of in my short journey here so far”. 

Teamwork is only possible with a good attitude and a positive mindset. Although the trucking and transportation industry can be confusing sometimes, maintaining a positive attitude is essential to maintaining a strong work ethic within a team. Eric Powell mentions the dispatch team as a source of positivity, “ Ciara in dispatch has been a real pleasure to work with so far, she is always a joy to talk to”. Corey Madison, an AutoPilot out of Richmond also recognizes the dispatch and planning team by saying, “I would have to say Lisa has made the biggest impact on me with my time at Sweetie Boy. Her efforts to keep the wheels rolling inspires me to give 110% to be the best representative”. Working in dispatch and planning requires constant communication between different dealerships, Carmax, and the drivers alike, all while maintaining a bright outlook. Corey goes on to speak about our dispatch team by saying, “Marc in my opinion would be the best representative of Sweetie Boy. His upbeat attitude, has great small talk and is always willing to help out”. Brittany goes above and beyond for our drivers by pulling cars and says, “Being able to help the haulers to make their day just a little bit easier… All of it is just so rewarding”. 

What makes a team with such a variety of skill sets so dedicated to teamwork? To put it simply, Sweetie Boy owner and CEO, Tyler McCormick himself instills that belief. By caring about his team and devoting himself to his team, car haulers, AutoPilots, and office staff, our team is  dedicated to Sweetie Boy’s mission. Believing in teamwork starts from the top, and having leadership that is willing to help their team makes all the difference. Staff throughout the company believe this, Corey Robinson stated, “Tyler and Katie definitely care about their employees and families”. Sharel Crews, a recruiter at the Richmond office is a strong proponent of Sweetie Boy’s team work culture and feels the same way about the big bosses in office, “I make mistakes and will make more, but if I was not working here I wouldn’t be working anywhere. I love this company  and its owners!!!! It’s about where it’s going, and we get to see who we’re working for and not just working for a name. We’re all working for the same goal. If sweetie boy succeeds, we as employees succeed so rock on Sweetie Boy I’m behind you all the way!” It is thanks to our leadership that teamwork is highly valued and is a focus in day to day operations.

Thank you to Corey Robinson, Eric Powell, Brittany Ledet, Sharel Crews, and Corey Madison for their input for this month’s blog post. Another thank you to Sweetie Boy’s amazing team that continues to make things happen, and are devoted to getting sh*t done.


Driver Appreciation Week

Every year when National Truck Driver Appreciation week rolls around, the team at  Sweetie Boy Transportation takes a step back to think of all of the drivers that make our company move. Our team not only consists of CDL- A licensed truck drivers, but we also employ single-vehicle delivery drivers, AutoPilots and non-CDL two car haulers. With such a great team with a variety of skills, taking the time to celebrate their accomplishments is a high priority. 

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