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Auto Pilot

Our team is constructed of individuals who have spent their careers in the automotive, software, and transportation industries; supplying us with the knowledge to tackle the needs of our end users.

The Auto Pilot Advantage

Hassle-free professional drive away services


We’ve spent the last ten years crafting our team of driving professionals. Together, our expansive team totals more than 250 years of experience. You can trust that your cars are in good hands when Sweetie Boy is behind the wheel!

Asset Based

You can feel confident that we don’t outsource your transport needs. We use only our certified drivers and technologically advanced equipment to deliver a true, fully transparent, transport solution. There is no middleman – just Sweetie Boy.


Safety is at the core of everything we do here, starting with a thorough driver onboarding process and ending with self-enforcing regulations beyond FMCSA standards. We offer real time updates with GPS tracking, speed alerts, and dwell time statistics.

Customer Care

Customer service is the number one priority here at Sweetie Boy, and we believe that the customer experience starts with our employees. By maintaining satisfied employees, we can in turn ensure a high-quality experience for customers – every day.

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