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The Sweetie Boy Difference

What makes Sweetie Boy so sweet?


We’ve been perfecting our process for over a decade and the numbers don’t lie.


We move over 2,500 cars per week and boast an impressive 98.3% on-time delivery rate.


We utilize cutting edge technology to deliver a revolutionary transportation experience.


Real-time tracking updates, speed alerts, dwell time statistics, fully integrated TMS software, & the latest model trucks.


Sweetie Boy is employee focused and safety driven. Safety is at the core of everything we do here.


Safety is at the core of everything we do here, starting with a thorough driver onboarding process & ending with self-enforced regulations beyond FMCSA standards.



Options to fit any need
Up to 10 Vehicles
1 or 2 Vehicles
Single Vehicle
We use Peterbilt trucks and Cottrell trailers

Car Haulers

for up to 10 vehicles

Sweetie Boy Transport uses only state-of-the-art Peterbilt trucks and Cotrell trailers.

Drive Away

Auto Pilots are standing by

With Sweetie Boy Transport there is never a middleman. We use our team of Auto Pilot certified drivers along with technologically advanced equipment to deliver a fully transparent drive away solution.


For one or two vehicles

Sweetie Boy Transport has a fleet of rollback trucks to fulfill single or double vehicle delivery needs.

Cross-border Transport

USA & Canadian Bonded

Sweetie Boy is one of the few USA & Canadian bonded carriers on the east coast, primarily delivering to Quebec and Ontario. We have established relationships with border brokers so we take the hassle out of customs paperwork.

Delivery Hubs

To optimize the efficient and cost-effecting mapping of routes, Sweetie Boy Transport utilizes its ever-expanding network of delivery hubs throughout the Mid Atlantic. 

Are you BADASS enough

to drive for


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Tyler's Journey

About Sweetie Boy

After high school, Tyler McCormick left his small home town of Arcade, NY to look for opportunities in the flourishing mid-Atlantic region. Ten years later, he’s the owner of Sweetie Boy Delivers LLC, a thriving auto transport business in Richmond, Virginia.

Since its inception, Sweetie Boy has set itself apart from competitors with its focus on safety, reliability, logistical precision, and cutting edge technology.

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